Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 1, June 2015 
The Comparison of the Effectiveness of Seligman, Lyubomirsky and Fordyce Happiness Training Programs in Cardiac Patients: A psychoneuroimmunological Assessment

Pages 19-34

Gholamreza Nikrahan; Karim Asgari; Mehrdad Kalantari; Mohammad Reza Abedi; Ali Etesampoor; Abbas Rezaee; Jeff c Huffman

The Effect of Couple Therapy Training on Marital Attributions on Married Women

Pages 67-80

Farahnaz Maleki; Ozra Etemadi; Fateme Bahrami; Maryam Fatehizade

Prediction of Loneliness on the Basis of Quality of Relationship with God in Young People

Pages 81-92

Fateme Ghabezi; Shahla Pakdaman; Reihane Pasban; Leila Moradkhani

The Effectiveness of Self-forgiveness Group Training Based on the Quran Concepts on Self-esteem of the Adolescent Boys

Pages 93-106

Elham Fathi; Gholamreza Manshaee; Abolfazl Hatami; Moslem Asli azad; Tahere Farhadi